Street Design

Make your move Kirkcaldy has worked with our Street Design team to bring an innovative element to the project.  Street Design works to bring people together to make positive improvements to their neighbourhood. We work with local people of all ages to create better quality sociable, playful and safer feeling places that also actively encourage more people to walk and cycle through them for short journeys to local destinations.

As Part of the Make your move Kirkcaldy project there are three Street Design projects in Kirkcaldy, two completed and a third nearing completion in the Pathhead area.
Katrine Crescent, Templehall was finished in August 2012 as the pilot project. Katrine Crescent is an important route through from housing to two nearby schools. Narrowing of the road and installation of raised features was complemented by improvements to the footpaths, lighting and greenery and helped make the street become a more welcoming place to live on and walk through to local destinations. If you would like to know more about the Katrine Crescent project please follow the link for the full report.


Sinclairtown Street Design Project was based on the neighbourhood around Sinclairtown Primary School with work completed in August 2012. The initial project focus on school run traffic by Sinclairtown Primary School was expanded to consider ways of improving active school journeys through the neighbourhood.

For both residents and the school the major concerns were with school run traffics. The start and end of the school day could be chaotic with cars parked on the pavement, verges and keep clear markings.  Through work with pupils at the school we also developed a plan to make journeys through the neighbourhood on foot feel more engaging and interesting. If you would like to know more about the Sinclairtown project please follow the link for the full report.


Pathhead Street Design Project began in 2012 with physical work due to be complete in August 2014. This neighbourhood scale project is spread over five streets and 350 households. Changes to streets layouts to encourage slower speeds and make crossing the road easier are complemented with improvements to public spaces, trees, artwork and lighting to make local journeys on foot and by bike feel safer and more engaging. This project recently won an award from the Carnegie UK Trust for Design and Wellbeing.

Pathhead Street Design

For more information about the Street Design project surrounding Pathhead Primary School please contact: