Borrow bikes looking for a new home

As MYMK draws to a close, we're looking for community groups to take on our borrow bikes and keep promoting active travel choices.

Make your move Kirkcaldy (MYMK) has been working in the town for the past 4 years encouraging active and sustainable travel modes to the community.  One of the targets has been to boost cycling levels in Kirkcaldy and increase its use as a mode of transport for short journeys. 

With the main MYMK project ending in March 2015, this means the borrow bike scheme will also end.  The bikes were originally bought using People’s Health Trust funding and now belong to the project.  As a legacy of the project we would like community groups in Kirkcaldy to be able to get continued use out of the bikes once the project has ended.

Make your move Kirkcaldy is offering charitable/third sector organisations and community groups in Kirkcaldy the chance to take ownership of the 18 adult borrow bikes once the project has finished.  We would like to see the continued use of the borrow bikes in Kirkcaldy, so we are asking all organsations/groups interested to bid for the number of bikes they could use, from 1 to all 18.  As part of the bidding process we will be asking the groups to demonstrate how they will use the bikes to enhance the lives of their staff or community, by completing a short application form.  


To be considered for ownership of the borrow bikes we would like you to be a charitable/third sector organisation or community-led group/project that are working/aiming to increase cycling within the community/workplace. Constituted community groups and organisations are eligible to apply, as are those who are in the process of becoming constituted or who hope to be as a result of funding.  

As part of the legacy of the bikes Sustrans would like to be able to do some follow up monitoring with your group/project, you should be willing to report back about the bike usage within your project. 

What can your community bid for?

The project currently holds 18 bikes.  

  • 5x  Adult mens, Pioneer 2 frame sizes large and medium. 
  •  2x Adult ladies, Urban 2 (1 x medium frame 1x small frame). 
  • 1x Adult ladies, Merida Crossway (medium frame).
  • 9x Adult ladies, Pioneer 2 (all large framed bikes).  
  • 1x Dahon Eco folding bike (instructions for bike are included)

We also have some additional equipment associated with the bikes which we will distribute amongst the successful bids. These include safety equipment for cyclists, accessories and maintenance tools. 

We can also offer training free of charge for groups who can demonstrate the need for it and how it would be used to sustain your groups bike project.  All training must be undertaken between 1st March 2015 and 31st May 2015

Training can include:

Individual training:  

Essential cycling skills

Instructor training:

Ride leader 

Cycle trainer assistant

Cycle trainer 

Practical training:

Bike maintenance, up to Velotech Silver award  

The timescales for applications are as follows:

18th February 2015: Deadline for applications to be in

23rd -27th  February 2015: Application informed if successful and contract send out

6th March 2015: Contracts to be returned 

9th -31st March 2015: Equipment distributed 

For further details please contact:

Rachel Goulding, Project Co-ordinator - Make your move Kirkcaldy

Email: ~

Call: 03451 555555 ext 440008 ~ 07824628491