Pathhead Boulders have arrived

We are now in the final stages of the Pathhead project.  We have finally placed the boulders at Pannie Place and the new green area at Betty Crescent and Kilgour Avenue.  The boulders weigh a ton each so we had a bit of trouble finding a way to transport them.  

The boulders have been well recieved by local residents. 

Installed to add natural features to the newly designed area, and break up the levels of the landscape the boulders are among the final editions to the project. 

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 Brian (pictured in his garden) and his partner live at the very end of Cairns Street West by the junction with Overton Rd.

Very early on in the project he brought up concerns over the speed cars were coming around the corner into Cairn Street West and along the street. These concerns were echoed by other residents. 

Brian thinks the reduction in corner radii has made a big improvement and reduced traffic speeds as they come around the corner. 

It was Brian's idea to place a boulder on the build out, we were chatting about boulders and he came up with the idea. We've named the boulder Brian's Boulder.