I Bike made the news

Where has the Summer gone?It literally feels like yesterday that the schools returned from the holidays, the sun was shining and keeping Kirkcaldy warm.

Despite the change in weather the I Bike project has continued to grow in Kirkcaldy over the past couple of months, with the schools who begun taking part this year embracing the work that has been taking place. Dysart, Dunnikier, Fair Isle and Valley Primaries have all held various events and activities to promote cycling, helping to get the message out to pupils about travelling to school on two wheels, and will continue to do so.

Bike Crews are up also and running again in numerous Kirkcaldy schools, this includes new ones starting up and previous ones gaining new members. In each school the Bike Crew are responsible for promoting cycling to their fellow pupils and helping to organise and run the various activities taking place.

Large scale events took place prior to the October holidays to launch I Bike for 2014/15 in several intensively engaged schools. Bike Breakfast and Dr Bike days were held and saw around 220 bikes and scooters being safety checked across 5 days around Kirkcaldy. Pupils took part in large numbers which saw some of the days in particular being very busy. For those who perhaps didn’t see it, the session at Fair Isle Primary made the news in the Fife Free Press.

Looking to the months ahead, schools will be promoting the importance and value of being bright and seen during the darker winter months through activities such as Hi Viz Days and Design Competitions. Dunnikier Primary will also be continuing the delivery of Level 1 Bikeability to 10 P7 pupils, teaching them cycle skills in the playground before moving on to Level 2 in the New Year. Overall still a busy term for I Bike schools in Kirkcaldy.