I Bike is back with a bang

August 20th was a good day…..the kids went back to school! This meant that it was that time of year again to begin planning and organising I Bike activities for the next few months.

I Bike is starting in several new primaries across Kirkcaldy this year. Dysart, Dunnikier, Fair Isle and Valley will all be taking part in the project to try and increase the number of pupils they have cycling and scooting to school. Schools from last year who will remain ‘intensively’ engaged for part of the year are St Maries RC and Capshard primaries. The past 2 weeks have seen meetings held in these new schools to plan their engagement in the programme. Each of these have been very successful with numerous events and activities planned including Bike Breakfasts, Dr Bikes, Hi Viz days and classroom Bike Maths sessions.

Not only have meeting's been held with these schools but also with some schools who are in their ‘supported’ stage of engagement; Kirkcaldy North, Pathhead, and Strathallan, again planning several activities aiming to promote cycling and scooting as a means of travelling to school. Over the coming weeks plans will also be put in place with schools in their ‘at distance’ stage of engagement; Kirkcaldy West, Torbain and Sinclairtown. Each of these schools have been involved in the project before and will be looking to sustain the good work already put in place.

The calendar is beginning to fill up nicely and over the next couple of months. Big and exciting activities will be held in schools to give cycling and scooting the best start possible to the new school year.