Top tips for an active summer!

It’s the ideal time of year to get out on your bike, be that to cycle to work, pop down to the shops, or enjoy a leisurely ride taking in some of the beautiful Fife countryside.

Route Planning

For cycle friendly route guidance check out the Cycle Streets and  Sustrans websites. Cycle Streets will allow you to input your location and end destination, providing you several route options including ‘fastest’, ‘balanced’, or ‘quietest’ as well as an estimated journey time, distance covered and calories burnt. This website is also available as an app.

Sustrans  mapping will provide you with all of the National Cycle Network (NCN) routes, pointing out which are on road and which are off road. In order to be part of the NCN a route is generally deemed suitable for an unaccompanied 12yr old, so expect to find a lot of nice routes on here.

Last but not least we also have our very own Kirkcaldy Walking and Cycling map, available for download, or you can request your own copy here.


If you missed our previous article in February, you can catch up on it here. You don’t need to take much out with you on the bike, and what you do take depends on the distance you plan to cover and the knowledge you have to perform repairs yourself, but we would suggest the essentials to include;

  • Pump

  • Tyre levers – allowing you to remove your tyre in case of a puncture

  • Puncture repair kit/spare inner tube – sometimes it can be tricky getting that patch glue to dry if you are caught in the rain, a spare inner tube might be just the ticket to get you on your way again.

  • Multi tool – make sure you have the right set to fit all the necessary bits you may wish to tighten or tinker with while out on your ride.

  • Spanner – If your wheels don’t have quick releases, you will need a spanner to undo the bolts and remove your wheel in the case of repairing a puncture. Check this in advance!

  • Knowledge – is key! Don’t get caught out if you find you have a puncture but don’t know how to remove your wheel. There’s lots of great ‘how to’ videos on the Evans website, or get some hands on experience by coming on one of our free Basic Bike Maintenance Classes. Contact us for more information.

  • Hydration – take enough for the distance you’re traveling or make sure you can fill up along the way. Remember it’s important to keep yourself well hydrated.

  • Light rain jacket – you never know when you could get caught out, packing a light weight rain jacket may come in very handy!

  • Mobile phone

Led Rides

If you fancy joining a led ride this summer, Cycle Start organise nice mellow rides in and around Beveridge Park. They are free to attend, find out more information here or book online. 

If you have any questions or are interested in attending a free cycle skills course or maintenance class, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Happy summer cycling!