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The Kirkcaldy Challenge...

The Kirkcaldy Challenge is going to be running for the whole of May 2014 and is a chance for businesses, community groups, students and residents in Kirkcaldy to compete against one another for a chance to win great prizes!



There are categories to enter into so you are competing against groups/organisations of similar sizes or as an individual or family. We can offer you, your employees or your group lots of free advice, activities and training.

We can provide information for a travel stand in your workplaces or at your community building, with local public transport information, cycling advice; from where to buy a bike, to route maps and maintenance tips.

We can offer you a free Dr Bike Session and free bespoke cycle training for small groups, these can be arranged to suit your group or workplace. We also have regular sessions open to the public.

We have loan Bikes are available free for a month for anyone thinking of taking up cycling. We have all the accessories to go with them too.

There are many benefits for everyone who increases their activity levels.

We would like to work with businesses, community groups and residents of Kirkcaldy to demonstrate the benefits of active and sustainable travel methods.

For businesses the added benefits of having active employees can be you can experience, lower levels of absenteeism, lower staff turnover, more productive staff, fewer injuries, higher levels of work satisfaction. It can reduce the stress on parking situations at the workplace, ease congestion around the workplace and make it a safe environment for pedestrians and local residents in your area.

All the activities we offer can help you gain a cycle friendly employer award from Cycling Scotland


Everyone can benefit from walking, cycling or taking public transport more, by becoming healthy, feeling mentally happier and saving money on travel.


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