Maintenance Tips: 5. Tools and essential maintenance kit

Local bike mechanic and MYMK’s Dr Bike, Dave Seaman from Dave’s Bike Shed in Aberdour, has given us a few tips on how to check your bike is safe and ready to ride after a winter in the shed.


This article is the last in a series of five to go online from 10th-14th February. To get involved in any of our maintenance classes, visit our events page for more information.



You don't need to invest in expensive tools to carry out your own basic bike maintenance, just a few choice ones. All of the tools listed here can be easily located in your local bike shop or found online.


“Something to be able to take your wheels off, that’s probably the first thing. So you probably need a 15mm spanner for nuts. You get multi tools with spanners on them that allow you to do that.”

Tyre Levers & Pump

A simple set of tyre levers then allow you to remove the tyre from the wheel. Investing in a bike pump is an essential, good quality pumps can cost as little as £15.

Spare Inner Tube

 “You can buy a tube relatively inexpensively, so if you don’t want to repair a puncture you can just put a new tube in.”

Multi Tool

“The next thing would be a multi tool. A basic multi tool would have a set of allen keys on it that are at least 4/5/6mm and then a screw driver which has a straight head for a flat headed screw and a star head for a star headed screw. Everything else beyond that isn’t strictly necessary. The important thing is having a multi tool which suits your bike.”


Oil for lubricant is an essential part of the tool kit, as well as a bunch of rags to basically wipe things clean.”


“Then the other important tool is the means to actually know how to make the basic adjustments to brakes and gears and things, there’s absolutely no point in doing that if you don’t know what you’re doing as you’ll just get yourself in more of a pickle than you began.”


If you would like to learn some basic bike maintenance skills including changing a puncture, adjusting brakes and performing a simple safety check, check our Basic Bike Maintenance classes. They run regularly in Kirkcaldy and are free to attend.

For problems you can’t fix yourself, don’t risk making it worse, pop your bike into your local bike mechanic and ask them to take a look.


Click here for dates and info of up coming Basic Bike Maintenance classes and Dr Bike sessions which you can access for free.

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