Maintenance Tips: 4. What to grease and lubricate

 Local bike mechanic and MYMK’s Dr Bike, Dave Seaman from Dave’s Bike Shed in Aberdour, has given us a few tips on how to check your bike is safe and ready to ride after a winter in the shed.


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Oil or a suitable lubricant for a bicycle, should be applied to moving parts on the gears, and occasionally inside the cable housings to keep things running smoothly. Take care, especially if using a spray, to keep oil off the rims and disk brakes.

Inspect your chain regularly, it should not be completely polished and dry but neither should it be dripping with oil. If it is the former then it's time for some lube! If your chain is covered in black gunk then adding lubrication to this will not improve things. Thoroughly clean the chain system first, as mentioned in tip 3. You can then apply lubricant once it is clean.

“Try and lubricate the chain on the rollers, you don’t want oil on the outside of the chain because that’s just going to attract dirt and dust. What you want to do is get the oil under the rollers of the chain.


“The oil to use is anything except WD40, WD40 is actually a solvent, there’s very little oil in it. So any other oil that’s in a spray can; TF2 is widely available, GT85 or just a bottle of 3 in 1 oil something really as simple as that, it doesn’t have to be a specific bike oil.”



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