Top tips for an active winter

  • Be body conscious.

A waterproof and windproof jacket is essential, it is a good idea that is it is breathable and not too thick so you can build up the layers underneath and adjust as you warm up.

  • Head, hands and toes

Keep your extremities warm as you are walking and cycling.  Gloves, hat and thick socks can really make a difference to the enjoyment of your journey.

  • Light your way

If you are cycling you must legally fit lights to your bike when cycling in the dark.  Having a small touch with you will also be handy for both cyclist and walkers, for finding keys, guiding you down some dark steps, reading a bus timetable.  It is always worthwhile.

  • Reflect

You don’t have to go overboard but having a jacket of bag with reflective strips can really get you seen.  Get in touch if you want reflective slapband for your winter journeys.

  • Love your gear

If you do end up getting wet, hang your gear up to dry, it will be far more pleasant when it comes to putting it on again.    

  • Look after your bike

Grit and salt from the roads are not good for your bike.  Giving it a wash down and a bit of oil on a regular basis will help. We run regular free Dr Bike sessions for free safely checks and small repairs, look at our events page for details of the next session.

  • Mind how your go

Roads, paths and pavements will often be icy or wet, this can be a hazard to walkers and cyclist.  Ice can stay present on shaded areas for most of the day.  Wet surfaces can cause problems for everyone and with lots of dead leaves lying they can be slippery under foot or tyres. 

  • Plan ahead

If particular sever weather id forecast it might be time to think of alternative travel plans.