Don't be afraid of the dark!

Torbain Pupils demonstrate how effective Hi-Vis is.

The clocks have gone back and the nights are getting longer. It is very tempting to put your bike in the garage for the winter and stick to the comfort of a nice warm car for on these cold and dark journeys.  Yet…wouldn’t it be nice to keep the momentum you have built up over the summer going, fight off those winter blues and keep your fitness levels up.  It is easy to get put off out door activities in the winter but with the right equipment cycling and walking can still be a real pleasure all year round.  Look at our top tips to cycling and walking throughout the winter here.

The most important thing about being out and about this winter is your safety.


You might be braving the weather but we don’t want you being brave in the traffic, make sure you can be seen by all road users and pedestrians.  You don’t have to go ultra hi-vis, lots of clothing and back packs have reflective strips sown into them, but it really does make a difference.  Even when walking having reflective clothing is a good idea. We have reflective slapbands that you can wear around your ankles or wrists to add that bit more visibility to you. To get a set of reflective slapbands for free just contact us here!  Having a reflective backpack cover is another way to boost your visibility to others and can protect you backpack from the rain.

The pupils from Torbain Primary School certainly know how to get themselves seen! 

Cycling and walking really can be a pleasure all year round with the right planning.  However in the winter months the British weather can become even more unpredictable than the rest of the year.  So plan ahead, make sure you have thought about your route, slippery surfaces, paths that might not be gritted or well light.  Be sensible.  If the weather takes a really turn for the worse, make sure you have thought about alternative travel methods.