One week Left to go!!

We have our third week winner! It is Elaine Grieve!  Congratulations.

Only one week left to go. You are still in with a chance of winning a prize even if you are not at the top of the leader board.  Remember we have a prize for the best picture and best comment so keep posting.   We have clocked up over 17,000 miles which is amazing.  We are getting close to that round the world target! Can we do it?Lets have one last big push.  Hope we get a beautiful weekend so everyone can get out and about.   


We have been so impressed with the teams, there seems to be some real competition going on! We have been very interested to keep up with Duncan’s antics! He is keeping a  close eye on the competition.


So far we have 100 participants who have logged journeys and 146 people have registered that leaves 46 people who have not logged a journey yet. Come on get those journeys recorded before it is too late.  Help us reach our target.   We have an astounding  2607 journeys recorded so far! That is an  incredible.