Can we make it round the world? Log your journeys to help us and win great prizes

We are over half way through the Kirkcaldy Challenge now and we have travelled 12,812 miles, more than half way around the world.... but can we go all the way around?  I think we can! It would be a great achievement if for the first Kirkcaldy Challenge we do enough miles to get us around the world! So please keep logging your journeys and clocking up those miles.  It has been such a fantastic effort so far, everyone should be so proud of what you have all achieved.  The Make your move Kirkcaldy team would like to say a massive thank you to everyone taking part so far. There is still time to register is you have not already and you can still win prizes.


I have also just received the signed books which are prizes in the Challenge from the lovely Sir Chris Hoy, a massive thank you to him for signing them for us.