Kirkcaldy children walk to New York!

Pupils from Kirkcaldy’s primary schools have walked the distance from the ‘Lang Toun’ to New York in an initiative aimed at encouraging more children to walk to school, through Make your move Kirkcaldy. 

Over the past two weeks, every primary school in Kirkcaldy has held their own ‘Big Apple Walk’; a one-mile walk around their local community. Many pupils brought an apple with them on the day, continuing the health theme of the event. The target was to accumulate enough miles to reach New York City, approximately 3,262 miles from Kirkcaldy.

Project staff visited the schools and kept a record of how many children took part, to track whether the 3,262 target had been achieved.

Robert Burns, Travel Plan Co-ordinator said: “It has been truly fantastic to see so many children out walking over the past couple of weeks in Kirkcaldy. I am so pleased that all the primary schools wanted to get involved and I can now reveal that 3,290 staff, helpers and pupils walked during the initiative - an amazing result! Most of these pupils live within a one-mile radius of their school and could do this every day.”

Susan Jeynes, Project Officer, Active Travel for Health, added: “This has been a great opportunity for pupils to discover how easy it can be for them to get to school under their own steam. By starting the day with a walk, they will get some fresh air and arrive at school feeling alert and ready to learn. We hope that more pupils will now start walking to school, particularly as the weather improves.”