Pedal your way to fitness in the New Year

Would you like to get fit this year or to lose some weight? Then why not try cycling?

New Year is a good time to think about trying something new, and if you’ve made a resolution to exercise more, then cycling is a great option. 

Cycling can help to firm up your body and, by raising your metabolic rate, it also helps you to keep the weight off. Regular cyclists are as fit as an average person ten years’ younger than them. On top of this, cycling can provide a means of transport at minimum cost, and is ideal for getting around a town the size of Kirkcaldy.

We run a range of cycling activities ideal for people who haven’t been on a bike in a while or for cyclists who would like to build up their confidence for cycling on the road, from cycle training and group bike rides through to basic bike maintenance classes. You can learn how to cycle safely on roads and how to fix a puncture – all you need to know for day-to-day cycling.

If you’ve just been given a bike for Christmas and don’t want to go out by yourself, then come along to one of our group bike rides. And if you don’t have a bike, you can borrow one for a month, free of charge.

For more information about any of these activities, please contact Susan Jeynes at or on 07920 865013.