Cycle to work

Cycling is a great way to get to work for lots of people. If you’re commuting within Kirkcaldy, your journey won’t be too long and you might be surprised how quick a bike is compared to travelling in other ways.

If you’re travelling further, you might think about riding to the station to catch a train or a bus – there are cycle racks and cycle lockers available at Kirkcaldy railway station and bus station.

Cycling to work, can be an easy way to fit in some exercise into your day. You could start off cycling once or twice a week, if you enjoy it you will soon be biking to work more often. Once you’ve got a bike, it can save you money, reducing your petrol costs or rail and bus fares.  

If you’re buying a bike for cycling to work, you might be able to save money through a Government programme – check and, or speak to your local bike shop.

Don't forget if you would be interested in cycle training you can get in touch with us to arrange a session.