Cycling is a great way to get around a town the size of Kirkcaldy, you could use it as a way of commuting to work, nipping to the shops, taking the kids to school or just for a bit of exercise.

Cycling is often quicker than taking the car for short journeys and with the growing network of cycle paths it can be traffic and stress free.  Cycling is a much cheaper travel option.

For more information about reasons to cycle look at this page. You can also find advice on choosing a bike, or if you’ve already got one keeping it in good working order.

If you have not been on a bike in a while, why not try a bike for free for a month! We have a range of bikes we loan to anyone living or working in Kirkcaldy, we also provide all the safety equipment.

Still not sure?  Don’t feel confident to go out on the roads alone?  We offer free training courses.  Look at our events page to find out when the next course is.  We can offer bespoke training for small groups contact us for more details.

We also have group ride that anyone is welcome on, these are run by our volunteers so check out times on the events page and facebook.  We can lend you a bike for the rides if you do not have your own. 

There have been lots of new and improved routes in and around Kirkcaldy in recent years and there will be more to come.  If you are not familiar with all the routes have a look at our route map of Kirkcaldy here.  

The network of cycle routes developed by Fife Council is a great way to see Kirkcaldy and the surrounding area, including links to Beveridge Park, Dunnikier Park, Ravenscraig Park and along the Esplanade. Kirkcaldy is also on the National Cycle Network, and you can follow this network for huge distances to the north and south. For more information about the National Cycle Network please visit the Sustrans website.

If you’re really enthusiastic about road cycling there are lots of local clubs you could get in touch with – the two listed below are based in Kirkcaldy but you can find others through British Cycling
Spokes Racing Team -

If you’re interested in mountain biking there is a network of trails right here in Kirkcaldy, at Middle Den. There’s also a mountain bike club set up around these trails, and you can find out lots more information at their website

Keeping safe!

On the road
•    Always follow the Highway Code and remember your responsibilities as a road user
•    Take special care at junctions and blind spots
•    Avoid cycling along the inside of large vehicles, near junctions

Shared use paths
•    Ride carefully and at an appropriate speed, especially when approaching other users.
•    Make sure people know you are approaching by ringing your bell or saying ‘Excuse me’.
•    Be aware that some path users may have visual and hearing impairments or be wearing headphones.
•    Be aware that young children or dogs can move unpredictably, so go slowly and give them plenty of room.
•    Be extra careful at bends and entrances. Be prepared to slow down, stop or dismount if necessary.

Look after yourself
•    Keep your bike in good working order
•    Make yourself visible –
o    Be aware of the correct cycling position on the road. 
o    Consider wearing bright or reflective clothing, especially at night or during the winter months.  
o    Always use lights at night - this is a legal requirement. It’s also a good idea to use lights when it is beginning to get dark or in poor visibility.
•    The Highway Code advises you should wear a helmet. It's important that a helmet is the right size and fits securely.