Make your move Kirkcaldy

Make your move Kirkcaldy has been a 5 year partnership project between Fife Council and Sustrans Scotland that aimed to encourage more cycling and walking in Kirkcaldy.  The focus of the project was to deliver a range of sustained interventions in the town to encourage and inspire travel behaviour change.

The key objectives of the project were:

  1. Deliver new and established interventions to support sustainable travel modes
  2. Provide high quality information about local opportunities
  3. Enable and encourage more walking and cycling through training, support, advice and motivation
  4. Improve the physical environment by providing improved infrastructure and facilities
  5. Prove the effectiveness of the approach to make the case for similar initiatives to happen elsewhere in Fife and beyond.

The Make your move Kirkcaldy project comprised of several elements including events, community engagement, improved infrastructure, street design, I-Bike, borrow bikes (bike loan scheme) and providing training.

Make your move Kirkcaldy is now complete.  If you would like further information about what the project was about please contact us.

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